I’m creating a body of art, writing, & oral history that documents the genesis of a new subculture, and I need your help.



Hi. Im GG Irkalla. Im a trans girl witchypunk from
Olympia WA. I will be trying to make this site more
lively and interesting and full of fresh content.
stay tuned!



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Here I have seen the light invisible with eyes closed

in shattered manic repose, hospital clothes

Called ultraviolet by the bleached white angel

sinners prayers and ancient snares

you will not catch me unaware

Charlotte unwinds, focus shifts

Grit of sinew, out of the rift,

all the faces are one god

modular shadows turn me odd

I am the nine.


Over the rhine the ancients drowned

rose up in the crippletone sound

fate, my destined hands throw revenant reprimands

all this dream world is is sand

silicone primate hands demand.

And so the earth brings up her hands

offers luck to shattered lands

Her mark upon me, a wedding band

I know nothing else but her demands.


First the clay, then the fire, then the air, and then the water

First the day, then the mire, then the stare, and then the slaughter

Last the fey patched her bike tired, rode somewhere as Gaeas daughter.

Then the mother cast the fire, then declared

bells shatter in my angry weather.



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