Summer 2017 update

Hey all. things have been complex and interesting.

Katilda Nash, my girlfriend, will be joining me in this project

I decided that because of spirit work/polytheist stuff going on in my internal life I will only be using the stage name GG Irkalla for solo work. it will not be a stage name in my band QEDESHA . Because Irkalla and Qedesha involve extremely different goddesses and i need to keep that separate out of respect to both of them.

So in my work as GG Irkalla i am going to be doing a lot more dark, cathartic Chthonic art based around my experiences with and relationship with a specific underworld Goddess, Ereshkigal. and The music i make under this stage name will no longer contain any trace of my work with another goddess, Her sister.

For that goddess…i have taken a different name.

This website is going to be purged of any reference to her.

I am a multiple and a hard polytheist. this is what makes the magick and the music happen.



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