Further Autumn 2017 Updates

Important updates as autumn is when a cryptid like me finally blooms

New album out on bandcamp!
Available soon as a high quality digital download!

You can also get “summers end mixtape” on our Etsy store!

GG Irkalla on why you should book her

Im GG Irkalla. i make witchpunk songs.

i need to play shows.

I have a girlish tenor voice crackling and husky sounding from 3 years of black mold and screaming at demons. I talk like a french canadian from around here but i sing in a virginia drawl cause thats where i grew up.
I make noise and play acoustic guitar witch punk songs backed with beats from my ipad. My music is a mix of folk punk, southern gothic, neo-folk, early 80s industrial music, and performance art kinda things. My music is a scathing satire of christian childrens shows, fundamentalist religion, mass media, and monoculture. I dress like a rotting corpse of a puritan village dweller that came out of a slaughterhouse and just wants to sing some songs she learned in the abyss

I need to play shows. A PA would be nice but i will work with whatever.

if you want me to play outside of olympia you have to guarantee me a ride there and back (we dont have a car and we are super poor) and if i have to spend the night you have to give me and my partner a floor to crash on and maybe a place i can make a meal and take my meds cause i have to take care of myself. (buying me dinner or making me some food is nice too )



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